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  • Welcome to Hanoi La Siesta Spa - The Secret of Relaxation! 

    With several years combined experience in the Vietnamese Spa industry, our skilled and knowledgeable spa management team have partnered with one of Hanoi’s leading boutique hotel chain of Elegance Hospitality. We invite you to enjoy one or more of our luxurious and relaxing massage treatments at La Siesta Spa. A variety of professional massage techniques will give you a chance to relax, help reduce stress while strengthening the circulatory system, and allow your senses and mind to feel refreshed and exhilarated. 

    Our concept is to promote Traditional Vietnamese Therapy and we would long for giving you an opportunity to immerse yourself in this enchanting treatment. Here at our new venue, La Siesta Spa, we combine the traditional with the modern day Spa model. From time to time, we constantly look for the ways to relax your body with best skills. On the year of 2014, we are proud that we have been nominated as the best Spa in town on Trip Advisor. 

    From 1 June, 2015, we would like to offer you our Happy Hour, scheduled daily from 9 am to 12.00 noon. If you sign up for any service of 90 minutes, you will be entitled with 1 of below services

    * FOC 45 minute of either Body Massage or Scrub/Wrap or Basic Facial Care
    * Or 40% off on the total service. 

    You are welcome!

    If your time is short, we have a number of 30 – 45 minutes packages that you can benefit from.
    Select the most suitable treatment(s) for you:
    •   Essential oils not used for:
    *   Head, neck, back & shoulders           45’  (vnd599,000 )
    *   Hand, head, neck & shoulders           30’  (vnd365,000 )
    •   Essential oils used for:
    *   Foot Rest Massage                            30’ (vnd365,000 )       
    Swedish Therapy: 60'/90' (vnd675,000/ vnd950,000)
    Traditional Swedish massage uses aromatic oils and gentle, soothing massage techniques to remove tension and balance your emotions. Swedish massage brings about relaxation and relieves swollen, painful joints or a tired body.
    Relaxation treatment 60’/90’ (vnd750,000 / vnd1,030,000)
    Using strong massage techniques combined with essential oils, this treatment focuses on specific and key muscle groups to relieve aches, pains and stress. The rhythmic movements of this aromatic massage will nurture and nourish your creative energies and well-being. The total effect of this therapy balances your system as well as your mind, body and spirit.
    Hot stone Massage 60’/90’ (vnd810,000/ vnd1,075,000)
    Hot stone massage melts away tension through the use of warm smooth stones placed on painful areas to warm up muscle and promote a sense of well- being.
    Himalayan salt stone treatment: 60’/90’ (vnd850,000 / vnd1,150,000)

    This special therapy uses a blend of pure essential oils and natural salt rock crystal formed 250 million years ago from an ancient sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. This healing massage technique together with warm salt stone balances the central nervous system. It gently soothes away an accumulation of stress, tension and toxins while infusing healthy minerals into your skin.
    Herbal therapy: 60’/90’  (vnd900,000 / vnd1250,000)

    This comprises traditional local Vietnamese herbs and spices to create the basis of a really gentle massage treatment. The secret blend of herbs and essential oils will bring your mind, body and spirit into balance. Meanwhile, this massage technique encourages blood circulation and soothes aching muscles.

      Body Scrub

    A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment using mineral sea salt or natural ingredients to remove impurities and dead cells, while stimulating blood circulation. Experience a variety of fragrances:
    •    Tamarind & Salt body scrub: 45’ (vnd750,000 )                
    •    Dead sea salt & olive body scrub: 45’ (vnd810,000 )                
    •    Coffee & Orange body scrub: 45’ (vnd750,000 )                
    •    Dragon Fruit body scrub: 45’ (vnd750,000 )
      Body Wrap
    The power of natural vitamins and minerals is harnessed in a range of effective body treatments. All our body wrap treatments contain healing ingredients for exceptional skin calming and hydrating effects.
    Deep in nature with:
    -    Fresh milk & Fruit & Honey: 45’ (vnd810,000 )                
    -    Fresh milk & Mud: 45’ (vnd810,000 )                
    -    Fresh milk & Seaweed: 45’ (vnd900,000 )           
    Sunburn Wraps:

    - Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Fresh Milk & Honey: 50’ (vnd900,000)           
    Hot Paraffin Treatment
    Paraffin treatment soothes chronic joint pain, relaxes stiff muscles and improves blood circulation. Paraffin treatments also smooth and soften dry, chapped, rough and scaly skin. Choose the most suitable treatment for you from:
      Hand and foot paraffin: 60’ (vnd900,000 )    
      Foot paraffin: 40’ (vnd600,000 )    
      Hand paraffin: 40’ (vnd530,000 )    
     Body paraffin: 90’ (vnd1,100,000 )
    Extra pampering:
    •    Sauna: 20’   (vnd180,000)
    •    Herbal bath: 20’ (vnd360,000)   
    Forest Package –2hrs (vnd1,720,000)
    The fertile forests of Vietnam lends to the best type of honey. And we also give you the most amazing effect of honey in this spa package. A blend of fresh milk, natural fruit and honey is the basis of removing dead skin. Followed by foot and facial treatments you will feel both relaxed and rejuvenated.
    •    Fresh milk + fruit + honey Body Wrap
    •    Foot rest
    •    Basic Facial
    Ocean Package – 2h45’ (vnd2,540,000)

    Including essence products of the ocean – Salt stone and Seaweed, perfectly blended to bring you an unforgettable therapy. Followed by a natural refreshing facial bringing energy to your whole body.
    •    Salt stone body massage
    •    Fresh milk and Seaweed Wrap 
    •    Nature Skin Dream
    Earth Package – 3hr20’(vnd2,950,000)

    Through this package, we are trying to give you all the best things like the Lenient Earth gives us each day. The blending of Herbal, precious Wood Oil, Coffee, Fruit and even Mud is the warmest way to bring energy to your body and soul.
    •    Herbal Bath/Sauna
    •    Relaxation Body Massage 
    •    Coffee & Orange Body Scrub
    •    Fresh milk & Mud Body Wrap
    Sky Package – 3hr35’(vnd3,100,000)

    ‘Sky’ is the imaginative way we like to call this treatment.  The “sunburn wrap” enhances the skin’s self-healing properties. Followed by a special Swedish massage and Vietnamese traditional skin care, we aim to make you feel on cloud night.
    •     Herbal Bath/Sauna
    •    Swedish Massage
    •    Sunburn Wrap
    •    Lenient Vietnam Care
    Blissful La Siesta Day – 4hr05 (vnd3,700,000)
    An unforgettable package only found at La Siesta Spa. Start with a Herbal massage using local traditional herbs followed by a Tamarind Body Scrub. Then enjoy a royal collagen facial therapy and Foot Rest making this a complete package for your entire body.
    •    Herbal/Sauna
    •    Herbal Therapy 
    •    Tamarind Body Scrub
    •    Collagen Royal Therapy
    •    Foot Rest
    A traditional gift is included in all La Siesta World packages

    A traditional gift is included in all La Siesta World packages

    BRANCH 1: Hanoi La Siesta Spa 1 (Temporarily closed for maintenance from 1 to 30 June. 2015)
    Add: 2nd floor of Hanoi Elegance Diamond hotel at 32 Lo Su Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam 
    Tel: +84 4 39351632+84 4 39351632 - Fax: +84 4 3935 1636 

    BRANCH 2: Hanoi La Siesta Spa 2
    Add: 3rd floor of Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa at 94 Ma May Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 4 39263642+84 4 39263642 - Fax: +84 4 39263645 

    BRANCH 3: HOI AN  La Siesta Spa 3
    Add: No. 132 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 510 3 915 915+84 510 3 915 915 - Fax: +84 510 3 915 910