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  • Warning 2: FAKE REVIEWS on TripAdvisor website!

    Day and night hundreds of hoteliers around the world work so hard and try their best to make their guests’ visits pleasant and memorable. However, some in Hanoi are undermining this by dirty tricks. Turning a blind eye to the good locally run hotels, a number have been writing excellent reviews for a hotel but then reporting to the website admin team that such good reviews are duplicates or that the hotel itself has been writing its own reviews to promote itself to climb up the ranking.

    Also the hotel doing the undermining sometimes disguises itself as a hotel guest pretending to have stayed at the unsuspecting honest hotel. They post a bad review, a short indifferent review or even have the cheek to cut and paste a review about an entirely different hotel they have found on Google.

    They do this to try to topple the high ranking hotel(s) so that when travelers are searching for accommodation they ignore hotels that are low down in the ranking and overlook the good honest hotels because of this scam. Also there is a danger that the traveler will choose the hotel doing the undermining as it appears higher in the ranking. The hotels doing this undermining have many tricks up their sleeves and it is often hard for the unsuspecting traveler to know this.
    We believe that Tripadvisor administration has been awarded about this problem as mentioned in an AP article at the link:

    So our advice to all fellow travelers is please don’t let the bad or fake reviews fool you. And be aware at the damage these fake reviews do the good hotels and the problems they cause the unsuspecting traveler. When you are looking and booking your hotel please do your research, read and compare all reviews and check out reputable forums to get advice from previous hotel guests.
    Have a safe & happy travel in New Year 2014 to all!
    Sincerely yours,

     Elegance Hotel Group