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    Elegance Hotel Group, our actions are guided by our core values. These values are explained to everyone who works for Elegancehotel Group: they define the character of the collection, and are an important part of what makes us special as a company.

    These values reflect what is really important and matters to us, both as a company and as a group of individuals. They are the solid foundation and main principles of our company culture. By consistently working hard to maintain these values, we preserve our distinct identity.

    As a customer, you’ll appreciate that the quality of service we provide, and of the environment in which we deliver it, is central to our objectives. But our concerns go beyond this, and below we’ve set out a brief summary of what they are and how, without compromising the quality you receive, we make these concerns count.

    Elegance Hotel Group is rated one of the best 5 hotels in Asia in general terms regarding to travelers’ feedback from all around the world.

    TripAdvisor is proud to congratulate Elegance Hotel Group on earning the prestigious 2012 Certificate of Excellence award.

    Elegance Hotel Group to be the Exclusive Sponsor of HanoiKids Club!"

    Hanoikids, established in 2006, is known as a student - run organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. By voluntarily taking city tours in Hanoi, we hope to bring to travellers from all over the world an insight into our culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeings. Each individual can explore their full potential through cross-cultural experiences and extracurricular activities."

    Elegance Hotel Group to be the Co-Sponsors 2012 of HIWC (Hanoi International Women Club)

    The Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC) is a non-profit group whose membership is open to all expatriate women living in Vietnam. The objectives of the HIWC are to promote the development of social, charitable and cultural activities among its members, the Hanoi based expatriate community, and the people of Vietnam; and to provide a forum for expatriate women to identify and discuss issues of common interest regarding their personal and professional lives in Vietnam. Raising funds has always been at the forefront of all HIWC activities and the Annual Charity Bazaar has become a signature event of the Club, generating most of our charitable funds. These funds are used to finance our Community Aid Projects, which improve the lives of disadvantaged women and children, and small communities in Hanoi