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  • Warning 1: Problems Encountered by Visitors to Hanoi

    As you all may know, Elegance Hotel Group (which currently has 4 branches at  18 Lo Su St, 3 Yen Thai St and 32 Lo Su St., Hanoi Elite 10/50 Dao Duy Tu St.,) are becoming very popular within the circle of tourists and travelers owning to its outstanding location, elegant decoration, top quality services and facilities served by the professional staff. That results to many recommendations from one traveler to another visiting Hanoi to come to our hotels.

    However, some travelers reportedly had trouble with the taxi transportation from Noibai Int`l Airport to our hotels. Sometimes the driver purposely tried to scam guests by sending them to a certain hotel with an inconspicuous signs. There, upon arriving, some man quickly came out, with an Elegance hotel cards in hand and told the passengers that they did arrive at the Hotel but it was full at the moment. He then said that they had a "sister hotel" just a few blocks away. Then, passengers are sent to a different hotel of lower standard where the driver gets some commissions from that hotel owner. No one can eventually guarantee the service of the latter hotel, or predict what scam will come next.

    As such, it is highly advisable that every traveler to Hanoi in general and to Elegance Hotels in particular should be alert not to totally depend on either the taxi driver or hotel staff that he recommends. Instead, it should be required that the street and hotel signs be pointed out to the traveler by the driver so that one knows whether s/he is being transferred to the right hotel.

    As our private airport transfers are available, we recommend our guests to take further preventive measure by contacting us in advance at the below address for our airport pickup service:

    Elegance & Essence Hotel Group
    Add: 3 Yen Thai - 32 Lo Su -10/50 Dao Duy Tu - 18 Losu Str.,Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Tel: (+844) 3935 1632 or +84 936215187
    Website: or

    Last but not least, for the benefit of all, we would like to call for all astute travelers and any travel-related businesses to raise the awareness of this sort of scam and to help eliminate such wrongdoing by circulate this message to anyone traveling to Hanoi.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Sincerely yours,
    Elegance Hotel Group