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    Discover the HEG story and how it all began

    Hanoi’s hospitality and tourist industry has been developing at a rapid pace, keeping up with the ever changing face of Vietnam. In the early 2000s, seeing the gap in the market for 5 star quality service and standards at prices that everyone would love, the Hanoi Elegance concept was created. This group of small sized boutique hotels in Hanoi’s old quarter with a 5 star service is now leading the way. 

    We are a very young, energetic team led by three close friends and business partners who were, and still are, ahead of their time in terms of business strategy and customer service in the hospitality industry. With a remarkable foresight into what the Vietnamese hotel industry needed, this young management team seized the opportunity and spearheaded the rise of the boutique hotel concept in Hanoi.

    In the early 2000s the team came together working 24/7 to run a small hotel in the centre of Hanoi’s old quarter. This was their training ground, a blank canvas, where their passion for providing a 5 star hotel service grew. Their business plan took shape and they knew immediately they wanted to be the best in town. Understanding that that the key to a good reputation is good service and good staff, they focused on staff training, mentoring and career development. Plucking students from university and people working in the travel and tourism industry, this hotel family grew. And they continued on a journey of refinement, grace and tastefulness. 

    First impressions count. In 2005, they spent time deciding on the most appropriate name to make their hotel stand out from the other boutique hotels in the Old Quarter. A name that would define their core values of style and sophistication. Mr Maarten Kop, Vietnam Travel Expert who lived in Hanoi during 2006, suggested the name Hanoi Elegance and Hanoi Elite after one night’s sleep. The name Hanoi Elegance and Hanoi Elite reflects the feeling of the French Oriental Style with a personalised top service given by Mr Do Van Dan and his staff. It is a name we are proud of.  A name that defines our image and service.

    In 6 years we opened 7 hotels with an 8th hotel soon to open. We are proud that over 90% of our staff who joined us in the early 2000s are still with us now and we hope they will continue the journey with us in years to come.


    Hanoi Elegance 1, Hang Bac Street, Ha Noi Opens 1st May 2006 (Closed)
    Hanoi Elegance 2, Ma May Street, Ha Noi Opens 1st Nov 2006 (Closed)
    Hanoi Elegance 3, Hang Bong Street, Ha Noi Opens 15th Jan 2007 (Closed)
    Hanoi Elegance Ruby, Yen Thai, Ha Noi Opens 8th Oct 2008
    Hanoi Elegance Diamond, Lo Su, Ha Noi Opens 15th May 2009
    Hanoi Elite, Dao Duy Tu Street, Ha Noi 13th October 2010
    Hanoi Elegance Emerald, Lo Su, Ha Noi Opens 1st May 2013
    Essence Hoian, Hoi An old town, Open 1st August 2013

    Every single member of staff, their dedication, passion and hard work has made the Hanoi Elegance boutique hotel chain one of the most respected in Vietnam. We are consistently at the top of hotel review sites and listings for Hanoi. We have established a reputation for impeccable quality and 5 star ethos. We invite you to come and experience our unrivalled service.

    Our journey continues and so will our story.